Using NO-Disc software for gaming better than using cd?

Hey people, I'm going to be traveling lightly often soon. I want to bring my laptop for entertainment and gaming but don't want to bring my Games discs for two reasons. The discs will take too much space and I do not want them to get scratched up.

Considering I have plenty of space on my laptop, I'm considering using no-cd software so I can play my games without the DVD's.
But, does using No-Disc software slow down the computer or cause too much work on the hard drive?

And also, what software would be best for this? Daemon tools to mount the image I believe, but what program will permit me to copy the files to my hard drive? Thanks!
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  1. Get the ISO recorder powertoy that will let you rip your cds to ISO, then use Daemon to mount them.

    Most games just want the CD for a quick disk check, so you shouldnt see any performance decrease.
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