Overclocking Woes (Foxconn Bloodrage GTI)

I've been having issues OCing my Foxconn Bloodrage GTI board for quite some time now.

Primarily, if I try increasing the FSB value in the bios, the system shuts down when I apply the settings. During that period, it will turn on and off for several seconds at a time. While this is doing on, I don't get any image signal on my monitor. When I try increasing CPU and DRAM frequencies on their own, I get the same problem. I then have to reset my BIOS settings to get the machine working again. The biggest issue is the RAM is capable of running at 1800MHz, while the Bios has it set to approx 1000MHz.

I have the G42 bios (Recently updated due to my new GTX 460), with an Intel i7 920. I have DDR3 6GB memory, with a new CPU cooler (stock coolers for Intel are crap). The system has great airflow, and is cleaned bi-weekly for dust. My PSU is 500w as well.

It doesn't seem to be a heating issue from what I can tell. I'm aiming to get my DRAM frequency to about 1800MHz, and my CPU past 3.00GHz.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Did you increase the v core ?
    If not, increase but by a little margin..
  2. What do you think would be a nice "safe zone".
    Currently what I'm reading;

    CPU Core Voltage Default
    CPU Target Core Voltage 1.20625
    CPU Vdroop Compensation Disabled
    CPU VTT (UnCore) Voltage +180mV
    1.8V PLL Voltage Setting 1.800V
    CPU Clock Ampliutude Ctrl 0.800V
  3. Update;
    I tried uping the FSB value (200), and it seems to actually boot now.
    Problem is, I get the BSOD when loading Windows.
    MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION, which seems to imply a stability error.
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