Never OCed before // Q6600 // XFX 790i ultra

Hey guys, i recently recieved my new CPU cooler, a Coolermaster V8, since installing i did some simple stress tests and ran cpu at 100% for ~3 hours, max temp was <50 C .. so my question is... can i OC at all?

my system is:

xfx nforce 790i ultra sli nvidia chipset
gskill ripjaw [2x2gb] ddr3 1333mhz ram
ATI radeon HD 5850
coolermaster GX 650w psu
intel core 2 Q6600 cpu G0

i've never OCed before, but can anyone help me? :P

any help appreciated,

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  1. any system can be overclock. If you don't know anythign about OC, then you want to start somewhere..... check google out and read up on some basic info so you can retain some terms..... like Bus, multiplier, and etc.

    im new to OC, but since i just did mine, i still have the info fresh in my mind....

    2 volts you will be dealing with, its the vcore, and DRAM..... MAX volt your DRAM.

    check your multiplier and see what the max number is... and report back.
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