Sony vaio laptop hard drive recognition problem

my old hard drive on my sony vaio crashed, so i bought a WD 2500BEVS (250gb hard drive) and when i try to install windows xp the cd drive cannot find the harddrive, i check my bios settings and it sees that there is a 250 gb hard drive, so im not stuck and do not know what my next course of action is!
Can anyone PLEASE help me
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  1. SO, the hard drive isn't showing in the Windows install? If it is showing as an unpartitioned drive, you'll need to format it via a custom install.
  2. i turn my computer on, it loads all the drivers then it goes into the windows xp professional setup and i hit enter to run the setup and it says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer." so i read in another forum that someone fixed this problem in the BIOS so i went to my BIOS and it stated that i had a 250gb hard drive, so it sees that its there, but when i run the setup it doesn't...
  3. I'm having the exact same problem in a desktop vaio pc, does anyone on here know how to fix this ????
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