Superi IO Chip replacement.

Hi to you all. I have a motherboard with VIA VT8753 chipset and W83697HF IO Chip. The problem is that the io chip got crazy reading unreal temperatures and gives me trouble. I can't find exactly the same, so can you tell me with which one can i replace it without problems? Thank you.
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  1. A replacement for the motherboard or the Winbond I/O chip? You plan to desolder 128 pins, then solder 128 pins of the new chip? That must be a very special motherboard.

    If you had the skill to do this, you wouldn't need to ask the question. You'd already know where to find this information on your own.
  2. First of all thank you for your "really helpful" answer. You could suppose that somebody has to start from somewhere, like knowing what to replace, and then he would try and learn how to do it... but no it's too complicated for you i guess. If the title says, IO chip replacement, which one do you think i want to change? The whole motherboard, or the damn chip i am asking about? Next time if you just want to be smart without helping, just don't bother replying....
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