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I bought a win7 machine, installed my full Home suite of Office 2003. When I type a link, it doesn't make it active. I've applied SP3, scoured the net, and nothing works to fix it. Any ideas, folks? THANK YOU!
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  1. Download and install Firefox, when you run it, let it be your default web browser.

    Now close it down and open Internet explorer, let it be your default web browser.

    Now try links in Outlook.

    If all ok, you can remove Firefox or continue to use it.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I had tried that before and it didn't make a differenc. When I receive an email, the sender's links work, I just can't seem to get my URLs clickable. One article talked about enabling the autoformat option inside a new email but the option is grayed out.

    Word is set to the default editor, format set to HTML, installed SP3 for Office 2003...

    Actually, I just checked in Word and links aren't live in it, either! Affording an upgrade isn't an option at the moment. :cry:
  3. Silly question you did hold down the Ctrl key when clicking on the link in Outlook?
  4. Yes - it's not underlining or changing the color of the text, just treating it as plain text. Looks like only way to make them active in the emails I send are to highlight the text and do Insert/Hyperlink which blows because in XP, the apps did that automatically. LAME! But thanks for trying to help!
  5. Yoy guys can close the thread; I figured it out. Thanks!!
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