Blue screen

Ive got an i5 760 and ive overclocked it to 3.6ghz but its blue screening.

Vcore= 1.20V
IMC= 1.14V
PCH= 1.10V
PLL= 1.80V

Do i need a higher/lower voltage on one of these or something?

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  1. Whats your Vtt set to?
    Also what is ram Speed/Timings set at?
  2. I havent changed the ram settings or anything else apart from the ones listed.
  3. Well. when you raise your Bclk, it raises your ram speed.
    Also raises L3 cache speed and DMI(?) Frequency.
    If you raise any of these, you will need to raise Vtt as well.

    May also need to raise Vdimm.

    Have you run a stress test to check for stability? such as Prime95 or OCCT??
  4. increase vcore 1.302 V
  5. 1.3V vcore is a bit much. 1.25V should be more than enough for 3.6GHz
  6. yeach I know but very very stable & Anti BSOD when he try increase Multiplier again !
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