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for my new system i`m looking into SSD.
I currently have an ocz vertex sata 120GB.

Will an hw raid solution with 2 vertex 2 120gb outrun an ocz ibis 240GB.

In the past i have had problems with hw raid and mainstream motherboards.
For example i never have got my highpoint hw raid adapter working on my current asus p5w dh deluxe.

I`m afraid it will be the same this time with a new MB (P6X58D-E).

Also if i go for HW raid will i have a problem with my pci lanes?
I mean if i have 2 videocards and use the USB 3.0 onboard function....



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  1. Most new boards have built in RAID, if you are only doing RAID0/1/10 there really is no need for a RAID card. That board you linked to can run RAID, I recommend you do this first.
  2. We have the Highpoint RocketRAID 2720 working fine
    with 3 x Hitachi 2.5" 15,000 rpm SAS HDDs enclosed
    in the Enhance Tech X14 4-in-1 backplane enclosure
    and the ASUS P5Q Premium motherboard:

    1 Hitachi was DOA and it will be replaced asap.

    There was a close-out sale at Newegg, so we jumped on it.

    Initial "raw reads" with PerformanceTest are showing
    about 450 MB/second, and that number should go up
    when we add the fourth Hitachi to our RAID 0
    (for max speed). We'll run the ATTO benchmark
    when all 4 are installed and fully tested.

    The only glitch we encountered was the need to
    flash the 2720's BIOS to disable Interrupt 13 ("INT13")
    and thus to prevent that machine from trying to boot
    from the 2720. Highpoint makes this very easy with
    a Windows program.

    Also, a "fan-out" cable must be purchased separately,
    because the X14 has 8 x standard SATA/SAS connectors
    instead of a single SFF-8087 multi-lane backplane connector:


    Hitachi have announced a newer version of their 10,000 rpm SAS HDDs:


    Hitachi Ultrastar C10K600 Announced

    Hitachi has announced an update to their Ultrastar line, the 2.5" C10K600 which is highlighted by 10K RPM speeds and 6Gb/s SAS interface. Hitachi claims the drive delivers up to 15 percent better random and 18 percent faster sequential performance than competitive products on the market today - a bold shot across the WD VelociRaptor's bow. The Ultrastar C10K600 comes in 300GB, 450GB and 600GB capacities.

    [end quote]

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