New King?? Noctua NH-C14

Noctua has released a new cooler that looks to be based off of the NH-D14 design but turned at a 90 degree angle like the NH-C12P. Here is the information:

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  1. Thanks tecmo34,looks wild any benchmarks ?
    wow... Socket compatibility
  2. ortoklaz said:
    Thanks tecmo34,looks wild any benchmarks ?
    wow... Socket compatibility

    The press release was just today, so I would image we'll be seeing some benchmarks soon once the "testing" sites actually get their hands on it.
  3. It's big and beefy, but it's only half a D14
  4. delluser1 said:
    It's big and beefy, but it's only half a D14

    That is true, since the D14 has two "heat-pipe / cooling fin" sections the two fans seat between.
  5. I own a NH D14 and have installed a NH C12P SE14 in another rig... i dont have the words to describe its build quality, performance, reliability... its just awesome... This looks like a 2 fan version of C12P SE14... its stated that its a top down cooler... but i think if you have a side door fan for a tower chasis or top fan for HTPC chasis, you could use them as exhaust and have the cooler's fan blow upwards...
  6. My D14 blows up (lol) in the Antec 1200. All the fans set to low except the top one on med. The i920 runs at 4ghz never any problems with heat. 24 hrs Prime 95 and 20 runs Intel Burn Test with 8 threads and max mem. and not a hic-up.
  7. mmmmm I was lining myself up for a NH C12P SE14 as recommended by abully, but now I's seen this... :o

    So with the dual fan setup would you have the top fan blowing down and the lower fan sucking off the heatsink, ha that doesn't look right but thats the only way I can put it.. :lol:

    This would obviously result in a lot of air being pushed onto surrounding components.
  8. Noctua's recommendation is to have both fans blowing down towards the motherboard, which is how you should look to set it up.
  9. Nice, I will wait and see how much it is and a review before making a decision.. [:bohleyk:1]
  10. too big for me...i love my koolance 360 waterblock
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