Need more room on a hard drive

does anyone know how I can get more room? Don't want to delete to many files affraid I'll screw my pc up?
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  1. Try running disk cleanup. It should be located in programs/accessories/system tools.

    You can also try windirstat. it will show a graphical representation of your drive and which files are taking up the most space.
  2. How big is you drive to begin with and how full is it? It may just be too small to hold modern files or programs which often measure in the gigabytes.

    You can set your temp internet file space to pretty low, 100meg should be plenty. It usually grabs way more than that.

    If you have not had any issues with your PC in a while, you can probably delete backup files that up files for Windows Patches. Go to C:\Windows and delete the files that start with $NTUninstallxxxx. Disk cleanup is also good but won't get to the 2 things I mensioned.
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