P4 3.0 + GTX 260, Overkill, but doable?

Hey everyone, long time reader, first time writer =P

I'm looking at building a nice i7 system some time in the next year or so (come on cheap sli mobo's), but as a grad student simply don't have the money for it now. Anywho, I do most of my gaming (MMO's and the occasional RTS) on my wonderful Insperion E1705, but I've got an old P4 3.0 system sitting around that I was thinking of doing a couple upgrades on (and maybe eventually turning into a HTPC?). Anywho, the poor girl is running on a Geforce 6800LE and I was thinking of upgrading the card with the little money I have lying around. Since I eventually plan on moving up to a i7 (and very eventually 3-sli) I was figuring I would grab a decent card now, and even though the P4 would severely bottleneck the card, it'd still be a good card to throw in the i7 once it's built.

Anywho, psu shouldn't be too much of a problem, I've got an OCZ 500W (new) psu with a pci-e connector and all (think the 260's need two, but come with a 4 plug adapter). Anywho, the mobo I'm using now (ASRock P4Dual-915GL) has a list of VGA supported cards, but says nothing about the possibility of DVI or HDMI. I'm currently monitorless (goodbye 17" CRT from 1998) but the TV in the living room supports DVI and HD 720p. Anywho, I'm wondering if anyone's tried it before or if I'd be better off just waiting and getting the card when I build my i7 system. Thanks for any advice you've got!

Current system:

Mobo: ASRock P4Dual-915GL
CPU: P4 3.0 Prescott socket 478
Ram: 2x 512MB (might upgrade to 2gb pc3200)
GPU: Geforce 6800LE
PSU: 500W OCZ (It says 12V1 and 12V2 18A each, so I'm assuming it has the 36amps needed for the card)
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  1. A GTX 260, will be horribly bottleneck by that processsor, you could maybe go up to a 9600GT? Make sure you have 2GB Ram atleast however, GPU's need atleast 1GB.
  2. I run sometime p4 3.0HT with a 9600GT and run pretty well i have to say, pes2009 IQ, cod4 IQ, soo is not a bad idea but, for a ultimate system maybe isn't have the speed, but for you p4 is like a ring to a finger
  3. if you bought an E5200 with 4gb, mobo, PSU and even a 4670 it would prolly blow your system even if it did have a GTX260
  4. Naturally, however I'm not trying to waste money on building a system I don't need. I was simply wondering whether or not the 260 would be able to physically run in my P4 system till I transfer it to the (future) i7 system.

    Unlike other people who have asked on the forum, I'm not trying to determine how well it'll work, but simply IF it would work. Otherwise I won't bother buying a card and wait till I actually build my i7 system to do so.
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