Will a BFGR550WGXPSU power 9600 GT

Will a BFGR550WGPXPSU power my 9600 GT? I'm sick of geting the stupid blue screen of death :fou: I need an expert's help.
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  1. Yes, it'll run it, a 9800GTX needs 24A on 12V rail and the 9600GT uses less power I think. You PSU has 2 12V rails, one with 18A and the other with 15A.
  2. I cant figure it out! If its not a power issue and not a driver issue what could it be? Could it be amprage?
  3. Have you checked your memory? On my computer I had a stick with a heatsink on it, and maybe the heatsink was just not well designed or something, because it eventually overheated and the stick fried itself.
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