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Vga display adapter

I have an eMachine T5048 that has lost it's vga display adapter and when I go to device manager it says to re-install it, but I've Fdisk-ed the OS (Win xp pro 3) and it cant' find the driver. So I went to eMachine on line and got the download for it. It's a zip file, with other zip files inside it = but it doesn't self install to the right location. I tried just putting it in the C:// drive but that didn't work. So then I looked for the C://windows/system 32/cabs folder to install it there, but could not find it. I don't have the re-installation cd or rescue disc for the computer - the computer was a gift.
The monitor works, but the display has trouble with programs like google earth, certain games etc...
Any ideas would help, my local used pc parts store hasn't helped my at all. And no-guru around to ask ha ha.
nirvananow :pt1cable:
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    A quick Google search shows that PC has an ATI (now AMD) video chip, and here is the latest Catalyst driver for XP.
  2. Thanks a lot! That did the trick. I had downloaded Catalyst before, but it didn't work for me for some reason. This time when I installed it with your link, and re-installed the drivers it, it said that a bunch (about 12) drivers were newer ones than the ones I had. I don't know if it installs a bunch of them at a time and just some of them were old or what. So now I've put back in the vid card (Saphire HD 4650) that started this in the first place, and now it TOO works. Thank you so much.
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