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Being as I'm still new to this and I don't want to melt my computer :cry: I would like to get some input before I OC my graphics card. It's an ATI Radeon 5770 1g ddr5 850/1200 stock. Should I use bios to OC or should I use CCC to do their version of OCing? (if that offended anyone I'm sorry). If anyone has successfully OCed their card I would like to know what speeds you got it up to. Also should I leave the fan on auto or set it to 100% all the time? Thank you for helping me out.
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    i got my 5770 up to 1040mhz Core, 1340mhz Mem. alot of it depends on your specific card and also your case cooling and setup. what brand of 5770 do you have?

    to overclocking it CCC will work, but if you want higher speeds then i recommend Msi Afterburner

    as for the Fan i have mine at full 100%, but thats because i have such a high overclock.

    use furmark (and/or if you have a very GPU demanding game) to test your GPU temps. as long as you stay under 85C your ok.

    right off the bat dont try to get it as high as mine, increase 5-10mhz at a time, then after a bit try furmark to see if its stable.
  2. It's an XFX. I tried a quick oc on the CCC at 950/1400 and while playing l4d2 it went out on me, I got a screen w/ some lines on it. freaked me out a little but i turned it off and back on and it worked fine...needless to say i turned the oc back down to stock and havent messed with it yet.
  3. btw thanks for the very quick response!
  4. the most likely reason for the lines is too high on the memory. if i go above 1340 Mem i usually get that. so try setting it below 1340 and see if it happens again. the second thing it could be is temps.

    here get this program, open it up an leave it and then play the game again. after a bit you can close the game and see what the highest reading for your GPU temp is. thats a good way to see just how high you can overclock it. and also to see if its a temperature issue.
  5. awesome crysis! thank you very much!
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  7. glad i could help.
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