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I have a rosewill external data storage device that I transfered all of my data from my old computer so that I would have everything. I now cannot get the software to properly install. The software has been stored on the external drive as well and I am having problems loading it to my new computer, or accessing anything from the external drive.
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  1. Need more detail here. Are you trying to install the programs from the drive, or just copy them to the new computer? When you say you are having problems, you can't see the data on the drive or it's just not doing what you think it should be? Any error messages, what's happening exactly?
  2. I have a similar issue and would like to know how to handle it. I appreciate any help.

    I have a Rosewill External Data Storage drive. I have used the device on a Dell Laptop and was seeing the icon in My Computer. I was frequently using the drive to run a large file. I can't find the icon in the past few days on the Laptop or on my PC.

    I do get an error message that says the device is not working or that I need to change the pathway to find the file.

    On the Laptop, I thought the USB port was the problem, so I used every port when a error window would show. This idea worked for the last two months. Now nothing is bringing up the icon in My Computer.
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