DVD-R or DVD+R for Disc Backups

(Note: This is completely legal.)

I have some DVDs sitting around of old games and programs and knowing how easily discs can be broken by accident, I'd like to back them up (via disc image files I suppose), but I'm not sure if I should use DVD+R or DVD-R. I'm not worried about compatibility with +R and readers/burners, but will an ISO from a commercial discs work fine with either DVD type? It sucks to have to buy a game again because the disc got snapped in half or cracked or scratched by something. I know DVD-R has been around longer (and what I've used a few times), but is +R fine too for the backups? I know the +R format is supposed to be better in general, but if it doesn't work for this then I won't buy any.
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    Either format will work for iso files.
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  3. Thank you.
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