HD 4350 Overclocked

Hello, i have had my HD 4350 since, begining of november, and tonight i decided to OC it... and, Currently CCC 10.11, i have been seeing artifacts in ARMA one, ever since i installed this driver.

I got my rates up to;

Core clock; 750 default 600
Memory Clock; 480 default 400

I have gotten great fps gains in alot of games, some i play il include

NFS;Shift mid FPS gain
ARMA;2 low FPS gain
ARMA;1; mid FPS gain
AC2; mid FPS gain
DR2; low FPS gain (stays at a cont 20-25 FPS now)
Dirt2; low FPS gain (stays at cont 20-25 FPS now)
GTA:SA:MP mid FPS gain (usual 25-50 (Varies in spots) (it use to be at 19-50)
Fallout;New Vegas (midFps gain, usally stood at 30, now)
Fallout 3; (Same as vegas, but higher, dont know why...)
Red Factin;G huge Fps now

these are lists of games that got FPS gains, most of these games are, mostly always above 20 FPS, other then ARMA 2, NFS;Shift, Dirt2 witch is usally 15-35 (NFS;Shift is highest in FPS out of both)

Next objective is to overclock CPU ;)

-P.S, this is lowprofile card, with heatsink, and temps are usally 55-68C, people underestimate this card, alot. its not bad at ALL!
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  1. ooops. out
    some time update new driver not worth in your GPU ! Use driver from CD bundle. don't update it make Lag
    & use software Rivatuner : www.guru3d.com/category/rivatuner
  2. Im using, MSI Afterburner, without the overclock blocking, anything higher then Mem clock 495, i start getting artificats... any more then 800 core, i get artifacts.
  3. some time update new driver not worth in your GPU ! Use driver from CD bundle. don't update it make Lag !
    - uninstall Software make OC GPU
    - uninstall uour driver VGA (ATI) & reboot
    - install again driver VGA from CD bundle VGA
    - Don't update ATI catalys
    - Install Software OC GPU !! u can OC Gpu with your software or use ATI overdrive
  4. i dont have my cd anymore, so i cant get drivers off that... for the HD 4350... :\
  5. yes go
    ATI Radeon™ HD 4300 Series
  6. Specific url cannot be found... can i have full link, without the (...) as thats causing error...pls
  7. second one is sharecash, and third has the 10.10 drivers, are you sure they are better? and when i search for driver from AMD, it gets me 10.11, not 4350 org drivers...
  8. don't change 10.10 or 10.11
    just install driver from ori driver maybe ATI 8.xxx it's series 4300
    What is support vendor your card xfx/HIS/DA ? & what do you System OS ?
    may be can give link driver ORi HD4350

    this can help u http://www.pcpitstop.com/drivers/download/ATI~Radeon~HD~4350.html
    this is Ori version
  9. Its vendor is XFF, xp 32bit, changing to vista 32bit
  10. this site full driver for your VGA for vista,win7, xp
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