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Since the i5 recently came out and I'm still choosing what to build I decided to do an i5 setup. Obviously I will be using the i5 as a CPU.

The motherboard I've chosen is the Asus P7PP5D Deluxe and have narrowed my memory options to two 4GB selections, both being Mushkin made.

First running at 1600:

Secondly running at 2000:

My real question is weather or not I should go with higher bandwidth or lower latency timings?

Thanks :D
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    This is the advice photonboy gave me in my thread,scroll down to hist response in the link i posted. I went with lower latency.
  2. @RIOTinYOURcity What will PC be used for?
    For the amount you are spending, you can get an i7 920 build...or an i7 860 build...

    Intel Core i7 Processor i7-860

    GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD4 Socket 1156 - Has SLI as well as Crossfire capability...


    So choose your components sensibly...
  3. why, gaming of coarse :pt1cable:

    I was thinking about an i7 920 for a few weeks but I won't be using it to its full potential. I will never use 3+ VGAs or really need the triple channel memory since I mostly will just use the PC for gaming, surfing, and a few image edits here and there. I'm not a huge multitasker so I opted for the new i5. Maybe, if I really want an i7 I'll get the i7 860. Just not sure if the extra $100 will be used. I will probably be satisfied with a i5 for my needs since I'm generally using it for gaming and surfing.

    I haven't really committed to any 1156 motherboard at the moment. I picked the Asus Deluxe for now high price reference. I will probably get a cheaper board unless the Deluxe proves to be worth it. Thanks for the Gigabyte link, I'll look into it.
  4. ^ Hmm...then you can check out the mobo and RAM alternatives...and with the money saved, invest in a powerful graphics card...
  5. Precisely!
    Now I'm just waiting on reviews... and a job LMAO
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