Air flow on HTPC

Hi Guys,

Just threw together a more updated media PC, in this case ... not very media pc ish but it's nice looking :-)

Inside is:

C2D E6300 + Arctic freezer pro 7
Gigabyte HD4350
500w PSU with 120mm fan..

My main question is how to set up air flow to maximise the cases cooling ability, Obviously I want this PC as near as silent as I can make it, and have invested in a Silent-ish PSU and silent GFX Card and the Freezer 7 is V quiet on low settings..

for anyone who isn't aware of the freezer pro it's this...

How exactly would you orientate the fans and air flow to achieve best cooling whilst keeping noise at a very minimum, I have a monsterous selection of fans, voltage reducers etc etc

Here is a crudely drawn plan-o-gram of a birds eye view of the case.

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  1. **Correction - the PSU sucks air from the general area of the GFX card and exhausts via the rear of the PSU through some ventillation holes **

  2. Mod the case with a new 120mm fan either on the top, towards the right front, or right side, towards the front. That will be an intake while the other 120mm and the PSU will be exhaust.

    This is a nice mix of quiet and CFM:
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