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I've read through the guide on overclocking black edition processors, and it is excellent, but there is something I don't understand. In the guide it said:

"First,you need to manually set your memory speed, timings, and the required memory slot voltage, to your memory manufacturers exact requirements"

but I'm not sure exactly how to find my memory manufacturer's exact requirements for those settings. Same thing with this line as well:

"All your specification speeds like Memory, Hyper Transport, or North Bridge need to all be set to their default settings"

How do I figure out the default settings for those specification speeds? Does it just mean to set them to auto?

I know these are probably really simple questions but I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right before I start overclocking.
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  1. Hi Yoshinator and welcome to Tom's forum.

    1- What are your specs rig? Go to you profile and add it to your system configuration. You can use Everst or CPU-Z to know the RAM manufacturer and model.
    2- You are right, default in this case means Auto.
  2. Ok I added my computer specs to my profile. Also I know the manufacturer and model of my RAM, but I don't know how you find their exact requirements, kinda confused on that.
  3. Let me know both, manufacturer and model.
  4. Manufacturer: OCZ
    Model: OCZ3P1600C6LV4GK
  5. Ok. The model means this:


    OCZ: Manufacturer
    3: Standard (DDR, DDR2, DDR3)
    P: Series, Platinum
    1600: Speed:
    C6: Cas latency
    LV: Low voltage
    4GK: 4GB (2x2GB) kit.

    So, you need go to the BIOS and change the specs of your RAM to: 6-8-6-24, try 1st with Auto voltage, if doesn't works set it to 1.65V
  6. Should I change speed to 1600 as well, or keep it on auto?
  7. Change it too, your RAM is rated a 1600, so, should work to that speed.
  8. Hmm ok I changed the speed to 800 MHz DDR3 1600 and the timings to 6-8-6-24, and left the voltage on auto and got a message when trying to boot into windows saying...

    "The system failed to boot several times before.
    You may press F2 or Del to reconfigure your setup.
    Or BIOS will continue to boot after 5 seconds."

    ...and it continues to boot anyway, and Windows successfully loads. Only problem is I checked CPU-Z and the speed and timings seem to be off, DRAM Frequency is reading as 400.8 MHz :heink: and timings are reading as 6-6-6-15, but when I restart and enter BIOS the settings are still the way I left them, 800 MHz DDR3 1600, and 6-8-6-24 timings.

    I tried setting the voltage manually, and I am geting this same issue. Maybe CPU-Z is just reading the memory specs wrong?
  9. Can you boot normally?

    Try with another software, CPU-Tweaker is good for RAM.
  10. Ok I tried with CPU Tweaker, got the same message when booting into windows where it made me wait about 5 seconds. Checked CPU-Z and the timings still read as 6-6-6-15. For some reason, it won't accept 6-8-6-24 timings, and instead sets it to 6-6-6-15 :heink:

    EDIT: Ok actually, I just checked CPU-Z again and now it shows the correct timings I set, 6-8-6-24. Was it just a delayed update or something?

    EDIT #2: Nevermind, what's actually happening is that while I have CPU Tweaker open, CPU-Z sees the timings as 6-8-6-24, but when I reboot, CPU-Z sees them as 6-6-6-15 again.
  11. But the message in when you are in Widows? or when the mobo post and start to read the driver to load the OS.

    What timings show CPU Tweaker?
  12. When the mobo posts and starts to read drivers.

    And this is what CPU Tweaker shows as far as my memory goes:
  13. The DRAM frequency in CPU-Z still show the 400MHz right?
  14. yea, though shouldn't it show 800 MHz, since I'm running the RAM at 800 MHz DDR3 1600?
  15. Yeah, should be 800MHz. Can you post the screen of CPU-Z memory tab?

  16. I really don't even know where to begin with any of this, it seems my motherboard is not allowing me to change anything memory-related...
  17. That's make me crazy.

    You say that in BIOS is correct to 800 dual channel. The relation should be 1:4, so, I suggest that you contact to ASRock, maybe the can help you since I'm lost all the ideas that I have.

    Let me think something more.
  18. Sounds like it's just not saving the changes and reverting back to auto... Memory modules are together in the white slots ? Manual recommends 1800/1600 being installed in _A2 & _B2 (p.16/2.3)

    Can you get 1 stick to run @1600 in any of the slots ?
  19. @Yoshinat0r

    Regarding your initial questions I have added more clairification to the guide and re-written some things that weren't clear enough, my goal is for the guide to be as clear as possible so even unskilled overclockers can successfully achieve their overclocks.

    Input like you've provided here helps me to realize how some of the guide is viewed to those less experienced and what additions need to be made to make it clearer and easier to understand.

    I wish I could give you more direct time at this point but sadly my wife's mother died last Monday, so our lives are presently turned upside down, I really did not have the time to edit the guide or post this to you, but I made the time!

    saint19's advice is definitely on the money and hopefully he'll be able to help you through this, as I won't have any more free time for awhile, I suggest reading the guide again after the editing, and make sure everything is complied with.

    I also suggest not using CPU Tweaker because it has the ability change settings in the operating system itself and all you need is a utility that simply reports information like the guide suggested CPU-Z, since you are manually overclocking in the BIOS, if you're off with following that provided information in the guide, you may be off somewhere else too.

    If there is anything else in the guide that's not clearly written enough to understand it, please put it here in your post, and I'll address it when things calm down for me.

    Thank You! Yoshinat0r

    And additionally Thank You saint19! Ryan
  20. The memory is actually together in the blue slots, should I switch them over? And I haven't tried getting just 1 to run at 1600 yet.

    And don't worry about it ryan, it's no rush at all, this is just my first time overclocking and all so I just wanted to make sure everything was all set correctly before I began, I was going to wait anyway for the new cpu heatsink/fan to arrive before I started the actual overclocking, since the stock one sucks, keeps the cpu at 39'C idle and about 62'C under full load, not really any headroom to overclock at all. And the case seems to have great airflow all through-out, so I'm sure that's not the problem.

    Thank you for taking the time to edit your guide though, and thanks you guys for helping me through this, hopefully I'll be able to get past these problems.
  21. Welcome back Ryan.

    My condolences for you and your family.

    @Yoshinayt0r: Yeah, as last resource change the RAM to the white slots and try again.
  22. Hmm yea I changed them to white slots, and CPU-Z still reads 400 MHz 1:2 with wrong memory timings. I checked in the BIOS and the RAM is still set to 800 MHz DDR3 1600, and the timings are set to 6-8-6-24. Not sure if it matters, but in gray next to the memory timings that I manually set in the BIOS, are the timings CPU-Z is seeing, 6-6-6-15.
  23. Ok. Contact to ASRock, in the mobo's manual says this:

    - Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Technology (see CAUTION 3)
    - 4 x DDR3 DIMM slots
    - Support DDR3 1800(OC)/1600(OC)/1333/1066/800 non-ECC,
    un-buffered memory (see CAUTION 4)
    - Max. capacity of system memory: 16GB (see CAUTION 5)
  24. I'll contact them later today, but for now I set everything in the BIOS back to auto. I don't know why, but I'm having major stability issues with my computer where it will just randomly freeze. Then it takes about 4 tries hitting the power button trying to get it to boot back up. The power does come on, and all the fans come on, but nothing on the monitor, and the mouse doesn't even light up. I don't know if what I set manually is causing this, or the fact that I changed the slots from blue to white.
  25. Set to manually until get an ASRock answer.
  26. Ok, well actually I'm glad I may have found a solid answer as to why this is happening. Thanks for posting that green300.

    If it's true that this memory is only guaranteed to run at its rated speeds on an x6 cpu, then maybe it's not an issue with the mobo at all. I haven't got the chance to contact ASRock yet, was going to today, but maybe this solves my issue.

    If I really can't get the memory to run at its rated speeds, then what should I set it to before overclocking? Should I just play around with it until I get the highest stable settings I can get?
  27. Yoshinat0r said:
    Should I just play around with it until I get the highest stable settings I can get?


    I guess personally I would try 8-8-8-24-2T @1.65,possibly 1.66,1.67 if needed

    Couple ppl said the best they could get was 8-9-8-24-2T, may need to go there..just don't go too loose.

    It's recommended that you boot to Memtest and test memory before entering your os so as to help prevent corrupting os.

  28. So far I got 7-7-7-16, 667MHz DDR3 1333, should I increase the timings and try to shoot for 1600? Would there be any real noticeable increase in performance if I were to get 1600?
  29. 7-7-7-16@1333 will perform very well if it is stable. I would want to run 1600 or there abouts if I could..

    Is it stable under stress testing ? (couple hours of prime95 on "blend" or an hour or so of linux set to "all" memory)

    You would want to make sure it is stable before you start oc'ing..

    Real world feel or system snap, no. Benchmarks, yes.
  30. I haven't done any serious stress testing yet, I just booted into memtest and let it run until it successfully passed all of the tests, which took a good 40 minutes. I usually don't like running prime95 for extended periods of time because my cpu temp climbs pretty high, about 68'C max during the test, and I know it can't be good for the cpu to stay that hot for such a long time. Unless that's not such a bad temp to run stress tests at.

    I also managed to get it at 8-8-8-18@1600, seems stable, ran memtest like halfway through and no errors so far. Would it be more beneficial if I could run it at 8-8-8-18@1600 as opposed to 7-7-7-16@1333?
  31. Max safe operating temp is 62c. 68c is too hot ! You will need a good aftermarket cooler if your going to oc or stress test. You don't want your cpu to get up over 55c as they are known to become unstable above.

    8-8-8-18-2T@1600 is very good, where 7-8-7-18-1T@1600 would be a smidgen better.

    Think cooler now...too hot.
  32. Well finally new cpu heatsink/fan arrived and I installed it. Wow what a difference! CPU idles at about 28'C. I ran prime95 for about 18 minutes and the CPU mostly stayed at 43'C under max load, occasionally hitting 44'C :D Man I never thought replacing the stock heatsink would make so much of a difference!

    Now I just wish I could get the memory to run at 7-8-7-18@1600, but it seems my computer does not accept any CAS value less than 8 for 1600 :sarcastic: Should I try also slightly increasing the voltage? I'm also curious as to what the 2T/1T means? Never manually set that so not sure what it's set to right now, I think 2T.
  33. 1T gives you more performance, but less stability.
    2T gives you performance and stability at the same time.
  34. ^ + 1

    Here is an old thread that may help explain:

    CPU-Z will tell you your command rate on the "Memory" tab.

    I would go with 8-8-8-18-2T if it is stable.. or 8-8-8-21-2T or what ever it take @ 1600 to get stable.

    Much better temps !

    Listen to saint19, he'll help you get that puppy flying. ;)

    Have fun and g/l
  35. I suppose it's best to just leave it at 2T then, for stability's sake. Thanks for the thread link, that article made it quite a bit clearer to me.

    Ok well it seems that no matter what I do, my motherboard will not accept a CAS Latency of 7 @ 1600. I've tried as loose timings as 7-9-7-24 along with upping the voltage to 1.68 (don't really want to go beyond that), and it still will just change the MHz down to 1333 upon booting into memtest. Whatever though, so far I've been able to get 8-8-8-15@1600 stable (Passed memtest and ran prime for about 35 minutes). I'll have to find a certain time a day when I won't mind leaving my computer to stress test for a few hours, but it seems solid enough right now.

    So I have another question regarding timings. The last number (I forget what the last 3 timing values are called) cannot go below 15, the motherboard won't let me set it any lower, so it's basically at its lowest I guess. I'm wondering, however, if I should try just lowering the two middle numbers? I'm not sure if there's some kind of pattern you must follow when lowering timings, so I don't know if it's a good idea to try lowering the two middle numbers without lowering the CAS latency along with them.
  36. ^ Try 9-9-9-24 at 2T discover your highest multiplier O/C potential, then tweak and tighten the memory timings later.

    Your memory OCZ > OCZ3P1600C6LV4GK is compatible with Intel Core i3 & i5.

    It is guaranteed to run 6-8-6-24 timing on Intel, there is no guarantee it will do the same on AMD, the only solid figure you have is the voltage is 1.65v so set that voltage manually and set your timing at the cas 9 suggestion above, and find your highest stable overclock.
  37. Ok, that makes sense as far as the issue I'm having with getting the rated speeds.

    Well I'm having a slight problem here with manually upping the vcore voltage. I managed to get the multiplier to x20.0 / 4.0GHz without manually adjusting the voltage at all. So I shot for 4.1 GHz and manually set the vcore voltage one step higher, 1.42V, but the motherboard is reporting a voltage way higher than that, like 1.44/1.45. I know I have it manually set to 1.42, but if the voltage is really as high as the motherboard says, I don't want to go any higher. Could the motherboard be reporting the wrong voltage or something? CPU-Z is reporting the same voltage as well, much higher than what I have set.

    EDIT: Ok I found out that CoreTemp is showing the correct Vcore voltage that I manually set. Should I just ignore what CPU-Z and my motherboard is showing?
  38. Well I've managed to get 4.0 GHz @ 1.46v stable, which I'm super happy about :) 4.1 GHz just will not work, no matter how much I increase the voltage (tried as high as 1.50v). The CPU can't pass 3dmark and occassionally it'll crash upon booting into windows. I would like to try and shoot a bit higher if I could though :D are there any other voltages that I should try increasing along with the cpu voltage to attain speeds higher than 4 GHz?
  39. Win7 Ultimate 64bit OP/SYS you're running will be an affecting factor, after experimenting with the various operating systems the 64bit versions will limit your O/C top end.

    I dual boot WinXP Pro 32bit and WinVista 64bit, I can clock my 965BE to 4.3G in WinXP 32bit stable, but cannot get that high in Vista 64bit, I'm pretty sure your Win7 64bit will act similar to Vista.

    Why don't you just run at 4.0G for a while and allow your CPU some burn in time at that speed, because experimenting with voltages up to (tried as high as 1.50v), is not a good idea.

    4.0G is better than some others have gotten the 965BE on Win7 64bit, so you kinda need to be happy with where you are, or risk negative results.
  40. yea, I'm already very happy with it at 4 GHz, I never even thought I would be able to get that high. :)

    Cheers everyone for helping me through this! :D
  41. Thought I should just throw this out there:

    I can't run prime95 for more than like 20 seconds and then it's bsod. I tried upping the voltage to no avail. I can pass 3dmark06 fine, however. I know you said in your guide that passing prime95 wasn't absolutely necessary, but it has me concerned, since I've ran things like video converting programs which use all 4 cores at almost 100%. I'm not sure if I should try and get it stable under prime95, or just leave it.
  42. yoshinat0r, Its probably memory related.

    Email OCZ's product support team, you can get the contact info from OCZ's website, tell them the model# of the memory you purchased and the details of the AMD platform you're running that memory in, and ask them what timings they recommend for you to use, on an AMD setup, for the most stable performance.
  43. Just got a response. They recommended 6-9-6-30, so I tried it, system just hung on a black screen, I knew it wasn't going to work. My motherboard seems to follow a strict pattern.

    It won't accept CAS Latency of 6 at any speed higher than 535 MHz
    It won't accept CAS Latency of 7 at any speed higher than 666 MHz
    It will accept CAS Latency of 8 at all speeds up to 800 MHz

    If I try to set the speed of the RAM any higher than the speeds I listed above for the 6 and 7 CAS Latencys, my motherboard will follow another strict pattern.

    After the settings are saved in the BIOS, the system will restart and hang on a black screen. After I manually switch the power off and switch it back on, the system will hang on a black screen again. After manually switching the power off and switching it back on again, the system will finally post, but the settings will be changed to 6-6-6-15 @ 400 MHz. It will always hang two times, and successfully post on the third try.

    Could it be the BIOS version I have? I upgraded to the latest version for my motherboard, 1.90, I'm wondering if I should revert back to an older one.
  44. Seeing as how you've had problems with your memory from the beginning.

    Maybe you should consider seeing if you could possibly swap out the memory for a different brand, I bought some of the OCZ AMD Black Edition DDR3 1600, and so far no problems at all.

    They're both OCZ but this is designed to run with AMD
  45. It would definitely be something to try. I just hope I can do some kind of exchange with the RAM I already have. Really don't want to pay another $80 for something I'm not even sure will fix the problem.
  46. I contacted ASRock about the problem with certain speeds not liking certain timings and got a response, but I can't for the life of me make out what the guy is trying to say. I don't think English is his native tongue lol Here's the response:

    "The ASRock model support the kind of CL (timing ) you mentioned ,but if you are installing with Phenon CPU version , witha regular version does not clock properly."
  47. Yoshinat0r said:
    I contacted ASRock about the problem with certain speeds not liking certain timings and got a response, but I can't for the life of me make out what the guy is trying to say. I don't think English is his native tongue lol Here's the response:

    "The ASRock model support the kind of CL (timing ) you mentioned ,but if you are installing with Phenon CPU version , witha regular version does not clock properly."

    :heink: :heink: :heink: :heink:

    I don't get the idea :lol:
  48. lol

    What timings did you end up with yoshinat0r ? What settings are failing prime on you ?
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