GA -MA770-UD3 rev 2.0 bios version 'FA'

If you want to drop your cpu temps by 5 to 6C, then go back to version 'FA'.
I had good temps when I first installed this motherboard. But I found my CPU temp went up to 46C when EC Firmware was added to the bios when I flashed to FBd and also FB. I have tried without success to unlock my phenom 550 BE and tbh, some people say they didn't notice any speed difference when unlocked. So, I just now flashed my bios with @BIOS back to version 'FA' from 'FB' and my CPU temp has dropped to 40C idle, and a stable 53C with full load on prime95 and orthos from previously 58C with other bios.
A nice 5C to 6C drop. And with smartfan disabled in easytune, I'm getting 38C idle, and 30C core temp. This is on stock cooler. Better than thermal paste, lol \o/

Worth a shot if you don't mind flashing. :)

I've found the @BIOS utility to be very good, though some say it's unreliable.
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  1. I'll be interested to see what others say about this.

    I did have success with unlocking my 550 and it's definately faster and maybe a tiny bit hotter - but I was already running in the mid-40s with stock cooler. I'm not using Easy Tune but do have the smart fan turned off in BIOS. I've used ET to play with some settings but go back to BIOS to change them and disable the ET. Haven't tried Prime95 lately but min/max for 550 over past 24 hrs was 44/51.

    I'm using the MA785GM-US2H with the BIOS rev that came on it, F2
  2. Further to this, it's just been pointed out to me by someone from gigabyte
    that the x2 550BE with GA -MA770-UD3 rev 2.0 is meant to start with bios version FB according to info on the board's cpu compatibilty list. So he reckons that there's a possibility the FA bios is misreading my temps. Which would be a pity really cos they're nice and low. There's quite a lot of other phenoms though that support FA.
  3. Yeah, the 40C seems improbable. My case temp runs at 38-39 with new Caviar Black in it - hard to believe the CPU would stay that cool.

    The chart also shows that version FD is needed to support the Phenom II x4 processors and that might explain why your cores didn't unlock. The unlocked CPU shows as a Phenom II X4 B50 - since there isn't apparently a real X4 950 it substitutes the B for the 9.

    I'd try taking the BIOS up to FD and trying to unlock again.
  4. Hey mongox,

    Yeah, good point indeed. Thing is though, before I'd tried the FB version, I had flashed straight to FD. The problem with that though is that although FD added EC Firmware, it didn't have the 'hybrid' mode which I was told I'd need to unlock. Whereas, when I then flashed to FB, it did have the hybrid mode.

    I think then I'd better flash back to FB to at least know I'm getting accurate temps. I had tried unlocking setting to auto, and also 'per core'. I messed around with changing to +2% and also to -4%, and I'd upped core voltage a couple of notches. It never booted into windows. A couple of times it got as far as the XP welcome screen, but then immediately went back to the bios start screen. so I disabled ACC and returned hybrid to normal. One person has suggsted to me since, that I should try setting to 'all cores'. Do you think that might work? I'm also a bit concerned about increasing temps too much by doing this and am currently awaiting a sunbeam core contact freezer to arrive before trying it again. Also, I read that when unlocked, you can't see the temps anymore, is that true?

    Another question. Is it correct that my CPU temp, as seen in bios or with easytune or HWMonitor, should be higher than core temps? Example, if bios reads 46C and ore temp is 32C, does that sound about right?
  5. Keep in mind, I'm not an OC person by any stretch. I read thru the forums here and a couple of others to get info on unlocking and what may come from it. Much of what they discuss there I don't understand at all!

    For me, it was easy. I didn't change BIOS version, just went in and changed ACC to hybrid and the core setting stayed at Auto. Saved the BIOS settings, got the screen that said don't turn off, system turned off then back on. All the things then had the 4-core settings. I haven't adjusted anything else or played with it. (I've changed it back once without problems)

    My board does have one quirk in that it doesn't deliver the expected Voltages when set to Auto or Manual with no changes. That is, my CPU gets 1.41V when it should get 1.35 and my RAM gets 2.01V when it should get 1.8V. I don't know it this is typical for my M/B or something wrong with it. If I add to the presets, I get the correct numbers showing - add 0.1V to the 1.8V RAM setting and it shows 1.9V. Same with CPU. For a while, I did this and all worked fine. Then put it back to Auto settings for Voltage and been using that without problems. So, I guess I AM overclocking without meaning to! (This was true before I unlocked cores.)

    I might play around more with this if I get a add-on cooler, but dunno. I don't think the max of 52C (usually runs at 44-48C) I get on the CPU when pushing normal tasks is dangerous. I'm about to do a monitoring while running Prime9 myself and will let you know how it goes.

    The OC forum here seems to have friendly folks and likely you'll get some answers there. Be sure to post all details about your system and limit to a couple of questions until you get some bites!
  6. For those who can't unlock the 3rd or 4th core on AMD Phenom: bios does that automatically, but 64 bit OS doesn't. Try with 32 bit OS (xp, vista or 7), and you will see. Works fine on FB or FD, maybe even on FA (didn' try!) BIOS version, and, of course on rev 2.0 of the ma770-ud3 motherboard . You don't have to raise the voltage. It's stable, it's nice, it's fast. The bad thing is that sensors don't show the temperature rightly. But you can see they are no higher than before (with locked core(s)).
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