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Installing W7 from Portable Hard Disk

Hi is i haven't tried any External or Portable hard drive before, i only tried USB flash drive but i`m planning to get one well it worked if i do the same method on flash drive?

heres my specs

Motherboard: P5KPL-AM and P5KPL-AM/SE
HDD: Sata2

the only available portable hard drive here is

Seagate FreeAgent Go 3200GB
WD Elements 3200GB
Imation Venus 500GB

and i`m also not sure which one is good?
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    The Seagate's good, I've got 3 of the same company but all are 2TB ones :) reliable ones......
    The topic states Installing Win& from portable HDD right?
    So i don't see a problem with you installing Win7 from it (an External HDD)
    You could run into a few probs if you Installed it on your external HDD and then ran it on different computers everyday.....
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