GTX 295 strange noise when playing

Hi! I'm new here :) Love the site.

I've just got myself a gtx 295 card (Gainward). Everything works perfect. Stable temperature, around 50 idle, up to 70 in gaming until now atleast. But when I'm starting WoW (no account tho, stopped playing) I get this strange noise from the grapich card itself. I don't think its the fan, or I'm not completely sure. The noise comes from the inside of the card. It is pretty hard to explain. If i tab WoW down to windows, the noise stops, and starts again after i tab wow up again. This did not happen in fallout 3, but it did happen in Guild wars aswell.

I've updated the card to the newest version, and the preformance is what it should be. I get around 70-80 fps at Fallout 3 with all on max. And around 300 in WoW. I havent tested something else yet. The light from the grapich card lights green. I haven't overclocked any components.

I'm pretty clueless of whats wrong, if not its the PSU which doesn't supply the grapich card with enough power, I'm not sure.

Other components:

Corsair Powersupply 650W ATX/EPS (it should be enough?)
Intel Quad Q9300 2.5GHz
Gigabyte GA-EP45T-DS3, P45, Socket-775
Kingston ValueR. DDR3 1333MHz 4GB, CL9

Aswell I haven't overclocked a thing.

PSU :Corsair TX650W Specifications: Model CMPSU-650TX

AC INPUT: 90-264V ~ 9A 50/60Hz
DC OUTPUT: +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb
MAX LOAD : 24A 30A 52A 0.8A 3A

From (650)

I really appreciate replies :) Thanks in advance.
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  1. If it is a high pitch whine it is coil noise most likely.
  2. Its not a high pitch sound, I have recorded it.

    Ill try to upload it soon. It really is annoying to have it there :(
  3. Here it is:

    Ignore the fan sounds. Should it make a noise like like this? :S
  4. That is coil noise. It is not as bad as the gtx 285 where you get a high pitch. Run 3d mark vantage and see if it gets worse.
  5. Well. Is it something that shouldn't be there? Is it safe to play with it, without getting it destroyed?
  6. I dont have vista so 3dmark vantage won't work :|
  7. ^ If you don't have Vista, then just run 3d Mark 06 or any sort of benchmark test.

    ie. Crysis benchmarking
  8. Yes coil noise is normal. Different cards make more or less noise. It is the electricity flowing through the capacitors.
  9. chef7734 said:
    Yes coil noise is normal. Different cards make more or less noise. It is the electricity flowing through the capacitors.

    But capacitors arn't meant to make noise when the electricity goed through them, if there making a high pitched whinning noise then it generally means that there is electricity arcing somewhere inside, which shouldn't be happening.
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