Can I overclock my amd 965 BE?


I wonder if I can overclock my cpu and how much?
I have an artic freezer 64 pro cpu fan.

I wonder if the cpu fan is strong enough or if I need a better one?

Will I be able to increase from 3,4 to around 3,8 ghz?

cpu is 32 idle. and around 45-50 during gaming. I have heard amd 965 max operating temp is 60?

cpu fan is automatically running at around 1200rmp
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  1. Hi.

    You can try 3.6GHz, at stock voltage usually work. About your temps, I'd not go above 60ºC. If you want more speed, maybe you need a better cooler.
  2. I'm certain you can get 3.8 GHz with your CPU. I have a 945 and I OC'ed it to 3.9 from 3.0. As saint mentioned, you may need a better cooler. I'm using a Titan Fenrir cpu cooler. has some decent pricing with loads of inventory.
  3. whats the best cooler for both cooling the cpu and also relatively silent?
  4. Air cooling:

    NH-D14 or Silver Arrow

    LCS (basic)

    H70 with 2x120 Scythe GentleTyphoon AP-14 or AP-15 in the radiator.

    LSC (High performance)

    For that speed you don'y need it.
  5. thanks! ok examples of coolers that will fit my need?
  6. What case do you have? Not all the coolers has the same size.
  7. I have a fractal design r3. 55liters.
  8. Post the link of your case, I can't find it.
  9. DOn't worry about the cooler size, you can fit any cooler that you want.
  10. I bought the a70. but now I am not sure if it wil fit because of some heatsinks on my MB

    Look here

    U think it will cause problems?
  11. Don't worry, my NB cooler is more taller that yours and my current Hyper 212+ fir without problems, the A70 will not be a problem.
  12. thank u very much!
  13. Your welcome ;)
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