System boots, keyboard doesn't work past BIOS

I just build a new computer out of all new components (with the exception of my hard drives and my DVD drive). My new motherboard does not have PS2 ports so I have to use the USB mouse and keyboard which worked fine with the previous set-up I had with the same hard drives.

The keyboard works fine in BIOS, but once Windows loads I lose power to the keyboard (the num lock lights don't light up and I can't type). I have USB and Legacy enabled in the BIOS, but I did not see anything about enabling a USB keyboard like some other forums suggested.

What can I do?
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  1. After windows boots, unplug then replug the keyboard. Or try in another USB port. If nothing else I suggest a new keyboard.
  2. Motherboard please, so someone can look through the Bios for you.
  3. I've tried two different keyboards. The one I had previously been using (which was wireless) and a regular keyboard with a cord. Both USB. Neither worked, I tried different ports and replugging in after BIOS, both had the same result of only being functional in BIOS.

    My new motherboard is an Intel DP35DP.
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