How much wattage do i need?

I am trying to upgrade a dell system with a new videocard, extra hard drive, and more memory.

The current power supply is only 305W and i was worried a larger video card (plus the other things) would require a larger PSU. I tried finding the specifications for my current PSU so that i could replace it however the online manuals weren't helpful. I tried to contact dell and through a live chat i was told that my current PSU would be sufficient.

I dont exactly trust a dell representative (call it instinct) so i wanted to know if you guys thought differently.

I will end up with
2 or 4g of ram,
two hard drives,
2 optical drives,
a Pentium D processor that my computer claims is 3.0Ghz,
and a videocard similar to this

Is 305 enough?

Extra info: Dimension E510
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  1. you watch this link ->

    for this band, 512mb are sufficient
  2. there are tons of decent 50$ 550W power supplies that should be adequate for any single gpu setup

    This is a good modular ocz psu

    tons of other are there too so take a looky poo at the 'egg
  3. The 305w is plenty for your system.

    By the way, I'm not a Dell representative and you have good instincts.
  4. Agree. Figure about 100 watts for CPU. 4 GB RAM - no more than 20 watts @ 3.3 volts. Video card, 60 watts, two hard drives - 30 watts, two optical drives - 50 watts, motherboard - no more than 30 watts.

    Why two optical drives?
  5. For that price you should get an HD4650/4670 instead. About the same power usage but more powerful cards.
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