Faulty CPU or Motherboard

Damn my post got deleted because i didn't choose a subsection. :fou:

My bios does not detect the processor. It does not show the details on boot up like it use to do. It still works however i have had some problems recently like lockups, freezes and bsods.

I dont know what the problematic component is. I tested the ram yesterday with latest memtest for 5 hours and no errors.

The problems started occuring after i had resited my heatsink and applied new paste. I did have a screw driver accident but it was minor.

I never had such issues before except for bsod due to bad nvidia driver (185.85) I changed to 186.16 and all was good.

But now these problems are beyond drivers as the processor details does not show up in bios boot up. :(

XFX 680i LT SLI, Q6600, 8800GT, CORSAIR 650W, F1 640GB HD, NZXT TEMPEST etc
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  1. Sounds like the CPU or MB was damaged, most likely by your "screwdriver accident."
  2. I found out that the freezing I was experiencing was due to logmein.
    However it also occured whilst playing prototype.

    I also had a bsod when booting once, it stated something about pool_corruption. Either way that does not explain why sometimes the processor details dont showup on the bios.

    Am confused Which component it really is.
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