Will I be able to use a CM 212+ with socket 1155

The Thread topic says it all.
I am waiting until Sandy Bridge is released before I start my new build.
I want to use the Cooler Master 212 Plus but I don't know if it will fit on a SB motherboard.

Any help would be great!

Edit: Never mind, when I searched the forums before, I found no topics concerning this issue.
However I just noticed some one has already asked this question and it has been answered

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  1. See this page for Zalman's latest offering for 1155 socket compatibility... and in particular check the middle section showing (under features) versatile compatibility... it shows that the pin is the same for 1156 and 1155... if this is the case then hyper should fit... but do your research or visit the nearest retailer to see one for yourself...
  2. Yes, it will fit since the sockets are the same size but have 1 less pin.
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