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Hi Guys,

I recently built a gaming system for a mate - He has a 500gb seagate, which I partitioned into:

C: Operating system (20gb)

A: Programs (about 120gb)

B: Storage (rest)

The problem is that he's trying to install Medieval total war (from CD) and he tells me that it doesn't let him choose the drive to install to, instead defaulting to the C drive and telling him that he doesn't have eough space.

Thought about:

1. getting a workaround off one of you guys
2. changing the C drive to the B drive (I'm sure this would be dangerous and potentially screw up his data)
3. Don't want to do a full reinstall/ re-partition just for one stupid game

He's running Win7

Please help if you know about this issue!

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  1. Try resizing his partitions :)
    Windows disk management allows it....
    Expand his C drive and Shrink the last bit left for all other stuff
    And for the next time, if you ever get into partitioning a disk, keep a minimum of 100Gs for the C systems partition even if you don't plan to install programs in it.... it is still needed cos all the updates over a period of time amount to quite a bit......
    Also, having such a constricted space for the OS will really play havoc with the disc itself.....
  2. This is the solution from the Sega Support site: Due to a check in the "master" installer for Med II Gold, if you don't have enough space on drive C:, you can't install the game via the autorun-based setup.

    In this case, please use the individual versions' setup programs, which have no such check and will allow you to install at any path you choose:

    You find them in these places (please install them in this order):

    Medieval II : Disc 1, in folder \m2tw\Disk1

    Update2: Disc 2, in folder \Update2\

    Update3: Disc 2, in folder \Update3\

    AddOn Americas: Disc 2, in folder \americas\

    AddOn Britannia: Disc 2, in folder \britannia\

    AddOn Crusades: Disc 2, in folder \crusades\

    AddOn Teutonic: Disc 2, in folder \teutonic\
  3. Thanks guys - there's actually an old version of the installer on the dvd, just have to find it in one of the folders.

    So Aloyshka, even if the system oinly takes up say 15gb of the 20gb C drive partition, the hdd will still suffer due to the small partition size?
  4. Yes it'll suffer due to a small partition size. You need to keep a 70-30 ratio of free space on the HDD a better option is 60-40 (60%Used and 40%Free).
    The basic Physical size of the HDD is of pretty big importance and the way we partition it depends on the whole size of the HDD. I can never imagine having a 20GB partition on a 1.5TB HDD.
    There are ratios that need to be looked into . Partition tables help in reads/writes if they are setup correctly.
    It's always good to have a little over 20GB Free space in the Boot Partition... :) so having a 20Gb boot partition itself is pretty close to a no go.....
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