Instal xp on computer with windows 7

I want to install xp professional on my hp compaq laptop which came with Vista and then upgraded to windows 7. I would like to do a clean instal so can this be done? If so what are the steps to take?
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  1. Hello,

    see this

    as for win7 installation, depending on which version you have, google for win7 clean install with upgrade copy

    there was a guide somewhere we usually use I can't recall where it is
  2. If I understand correctly, the machine currently runs 7 and you want to do a clean install. Clean install means wipe everything and start over. You will lose and need to re-install all of the programs that you currently have installed. You will lose all documents, music, pictures, and other data that you have on your C drive. Is this what you intend to do?

    If it is, you get an XP install disk and do the full install procedure, first allowing the procedure to erase all partitions on your drive and re-create the new one. If that's not what you are after, can you explain more clearly?
  3. oh, I thought he wanted to reinstall win7. Good catch.
  4. U can either erase Win7 and install XP or create new partition and install XP and keep both.

    Was that your question?
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