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I have a rather typical small home network. I have a cable modem from Roadrunner ISP and a wireless router connected directly to it. (D-Link, DI-524.) I have from 1 to 3 wireless stations and a wireless printer which connect to the router. I also have one wired station and a printer on a wired printserver (Hawking) directly plugged into the router. This setup basically represents my full level of skill in wireless setup. Due to the logistics of my house, I have a long and aesthetically unappealing cable wire running from the cable entry point to the modem which is near the router and the various wired devices. Is it possible to have some wireless device/setup located directly adjacent to the cable entry point (and hardwired thereto) which would then wirelessly connect to my router across the room to eliminate the long and unsightly cable? If so, could you advise me what other device I would need and how it should be set up? Thank you. Wayne
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  1. I'm not sure on the wireless router features today but you're looking for "bridging."

    Its been a few years since I messed with it but basically you would need the cable modem to connect into the router (for the WAN port and DHCP if needed) and the router would then hook into the wireless AP, which would then bridge the connection to another available wireless AP. It is important to use the same wireless AP (Linksys Wireless AP or Cisco wireless AP models).

    Within the AP there is a setting to enable bridging and you can pick where it connects to - its basically like setting up a wireless connection from your PC to an AP, but in this case its AP to AP.

    You'll first have to configure an AP on your network, connect it to another wireless AP, then remove it from your wired network to the cable modem/router.
  2. Thank you for your reply. So the minimum hardware requirement I would need is a wireless router and two wireless AP's? I assume from your comments, there is no way to just use a wireless router wired to the cable modem and connect the router wirelessly to a wireless AP (after wired configuration) and then plug my other wired hardware into that single wireless AP?

    Also, a few clarifications with the setup you have described:

    1. Would the wireless router be wired to not only the cable modem, but also Wireless AP #1? Or would the connection between the router and AP#1 also be wireless (after initial wired configuration)?

    2. The wired devices I have across the room would plug into wireless AP #2, correct? (This being the whole point of the exercise.) Would they get the IP addresses from AP#2 or from the router via AP#2? Or, to put it another way, do AP's have DHCP and if so, should I turn them both off in this setup and directly assign IP addesses. Or do the wired devices just get their IP's directly from the router's DHCP as though they were directly connected to it?

    3. Where would my various wireless devices connect? Directly to the router, to the first wireless AP or the second wireless AP? I am guessing router and/or AP#2.

    4. Assuming they would connect to the wireless (seeming to be most logical to me), would the sole function of wireless AP #1 be to provide the wireless link to wireless AP #2?

    Thanks for you help. I'm likely to have more questions, particularly regarding setup.

  3. Anybody have any thoughts to my questions...?
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