What does THIS mean?

My board, (P7P55D-E) has the chip Turbo EVO on it. Does this mean overclocking? Is it possible to OC on stock? Even so how do i do this? I do not remember seeing OCing on stock in the forum..... :(

I'm now running on the stock freq 2.67Ghz of the i5-750
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  1. chip Turbo EVO for auto Overclock from mobo / Software
    Oc with stock cooler no problem & fine well but must always keep temperatur under 70C when Fullload
  2. Then whats the temp for OCing GPU and the clockings of the CPU and GPU??? :bounce:
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    OC all harware RAM, CPU & GPU ... Good good ..!
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  5. Bought a Hyper 212+
    and OCed to 3.67GHz
    WOW!!!! :o :)
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