CPU-Z + Mobo VS Cpuid Lavalys Everest + OCCT

hi, I have X61055T at TA890GXE Os win7 32/64 sometime XP 64, I install CPU-Z, Hwmonitor Pro, Lavalys everest , OCCT
when i open all I see in CPU-Z 7 HW monitor pro same Vcore & CPUID Lavalys everest 3.7 V & OCCT Vcore 3.7V , but all same clock speed. I open Bios for check temp and... same Vcore with CPU-Z, It's happend in all day Default or Overclock Vcore still same CPU-Z vs LE +OCCT
can someone explain me about this different...?
how fix this..?

thank's your support
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  1. no explain ...?
  2. The core voltage reported by Everest is clearly wrong.

    There's a later version, 5.5, that may fix this problem.
  3. Everest is misstating the v core.

    Update the program-
  4. My OCCT Latest version , i use this for test stress but still same 3.73~3.74.
    or this Vcore sould ingnore...?
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    OCCT is not your problem. Everest is.

    Or, yes, you can just ignore the Everest voltage reading.
  6. it mean i trush CPU-Z & mobo all right..?
    ok thanks your recommend !
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