Is mobo temperature a matter of concern?

Hardware specs:

ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard
Intel core2 duo 4300 1.8 Ghz CPU
2 GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce 9600GT

hi, its been 2 years since i have built this system and had no problems...jus recently it occured to me about monitoring hardware temperatue and i installed Asus Probe II..
CPU temp is at around 39°C which i think is very normal.

But my motherboard temperature is stable at around 41°C..the temperature doesn come down nor it goes up but stable at 41°C..Asus Probe II constantly shows warnings for motherboard temperature and since the threshold is 30°C, m kinda concerned.

Some forums say 41°C is too hot for mobo n some say its quite normal which is very confusing.

any help or advice?? Plz..
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  1. That's pretty normal for that board, I wouldn't worry about it. Room temp, case air flow are the two big factors as while as summer temps, mine is 39C on this machine which is a P5N-T not the machine in my signature.
  2. Motherboard temp usually means Northbridge temp.
    You could direct air flow over the heat sink with an 80mm fan etc.

    I dont think my northbridge signals untill 52C

    with "Speedfan" northbrige or MB usually Temp 1
  3. Here's the link for Speedfan download
  4. i think i got my answer. i dont have a northbridge fan and that could be the only reason for such high motherboard temp.

    41°C could be normal for my motherboard in such high summer temps but still m gonna slap an 80mm fan on northbridge and tweak it with "Speedfan".

    i wil also update the changes in motherboard temp after installing the NB fan.

    Thanks n I really appreciate the help from you guys.
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