Windows Vista freeze - iPhone, iTunes, USB?

I have been running Vista Ultimate (32-bit) since it first shipped, generally with good luck as my configuration is quite standard. In the past months it’s taken to having the screen, mouse and keyboard freeze up for minutes at a time, generally recovering only to freeze again a minutes or hours later.

Sometimes this seems to be related to when I plug my iPhone in to sync with iTunes (my iPod touch seems to work fine), but other times it seems more related to external hard disks.

I’m beginning to think this may be more related to my USB ports. Possibly power capacity, my PC main power supply capacity, etc. Maybe iPhone needs more USB power?

I’ve run tests on my hard drives (several internal) and RAM memory and they all come back fine.

I’m having difficulty identifying a next step. Any thoughts?

(I haven’t included a full components list here, but I can if needed)

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  1. Im not sure this will help you much but Ive seen many posts from ppl experiencing problems with underpowered USB ports(mostly these were asus mobos). Do those freezes occur when nothing is plugged into usb? If not than it may be the case, and POWERED usb hub might help you. I generally advise people to get one if they use many devices that are powered via usb, as I believe it saves the mobo circuits a lot of stress. On the other hand, it also may be the psu running out of juice(they lose efficiency over time) but i think the hub would help with either of those problems.
  2. Thanks!

    That point about powered hub was on my list of possible solutions. I have one sitting behind the tower that I'd un-installed a year back because I was afraid that it was a possible problem. I'll get it plugged back in now and see what happens.

    Thanks again!

  3. You`re welcome
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