Front panel card readers and ubs ports non-responsive

i am having a big problem trying to get the card readers and usb port on the front of my HP Pavilion a1120n to work. they worked just fine until one day they just became non-responsive for no apparent reason. the green light comes on when i put a card in but my computer isnt reading anything. i have tried updating the drivers and nothing seems to work. any suggestions would be a great help. thanks
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  1. Have you tried simply rebooting?

    If that doesnt work RIGHT click on my computer [ on the desktop or start menu] , select PROPERTIES and click on the hardware tab , then DEVICE MANAGER .

    If you see anything in Device manager with a yellow triangle with a ! in the middle then right click it and hit UNINSTALL . After you have removed all the non functioning devices then reboot and windows will take care of the rest
  2. thanks Outlander but i have in fact tried that and still nothing :(
  3. If there are also USB ports on the rear of the computer do they work reliably.
  4. the rear ports are working just fine, but the front ports are useless to me right now :(
  5. Open the case and see if the cable to/from the front ports has fallen off at the motherboard or at the front The cable can probably only go on one way so don't force it.
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