Best mini-itx CPU+MB for a NAS under Freenas

I'm building a new NAS, I already have a mini-itx case but I still have to choose the MB+CPU.
I found 4 "low power" configurations :
-ION + Atom 230
-ION + Atom 330
-G45 + Celeron 430
-G45 + Pentium 5200

It will run under Freenas with 4 hdd in software raid5, with at worst 2-3 simultaneus users (most of the time only 1). I know that an atom 230 is more than enough to run freenas, but will there be a benefit to upgrade ?
On another server (still under freenas), I noticed that a frequency increase had an impact on overall transfer rate (trying to under/overclock the cpu), but is there any benefit upgrading to a dual core ?
The cache memory has an impact ?
What's about the performance/watt ratio ?
Thank you !
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  1. Personally, I'd go for the P 5200 (but I don't care about power amounts). In general though, the G45 + Intel x86 CPU combination is so much more common than the ION/Atom combo that the former is probably much less likely to have software bugs pop up.
    RAID 5 requires a fair amount of CPU time to process all the parity calcs, but I'm not sure if in practice a Pentium Dual Core will give a real-world improvement over the Celeron 430.
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