Can POST at 3.4Ghz but BSOD at Windows Logon

Hi alls.. :)
Can u guys give me any sugession which should i do..replace RAM or PSU..?
My problem is i can POST the BIOS at 3.7Ghz but i can't get higher then 3.15Ghz with stable OC.It BSOD if i try to OC higher then 3.15Ghz.
I'm new OC..
Noob lol :D
need help...

-2x2G PC6400 CORSAIR CMG2X2G800
-ORBIX 480
-STOCK Cooler.

"Sorry for my bad english :D "
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  1. i don consider myself as pro overclocker even thou I did a lot of overclocking on many i3 and i7 builds.

    If u can overclock to 3.15 stable then the problem is not the ram.
    or if u can run the machine on default clock stable, ram is ok.

    but according to my limited experience, the e5300 is not a good overclocking processor (am just assuming) and reaching 3.4 on a stock cooler is somewhat skeptical.

    If you can POST but windows shows BSOD that means ram instability.

    use Prime95 as a Stress Testing/Stability tool.

    I hope others here can help you... good luck.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily suspect hardware right off the bat, although some components do not overclock easily or as well as others. Take a look here. ->Overclocking Guide
    Some of the guys here at Tom's worked hard to put together some really good overclocking guides. If you read through them, you'll get a good understanding of the basics as well as some trouble shooting guides in the process. Good Luck. :)
  3. To add to all of the comments above. Yeah, on stock cooler, don't expect to get that high, especially the crappy old intel stock coolers. Those things can't cool for ****. I suggest you also look into uping the memory voltage as the memory instability may be because of the ram voltages or cpu voltages.
  4. You're going to have to replace everything!!

    Just kidding.

    Off the top of my head your RAM speed is too high, so either raise timings or lower the RAM multiplier.
  5. What memory settings do you have in your BIOS?

    What does CPU-Z say your FSB:RAM ratio is?

    Are you using stock CPU cooling?
  6. increase Voltage RAM
    BSOD in windows logon generally RAM Setting : Ratio, VDIM, Timming check this !
  7. check this out.... gigabyte.... i have the p55a-ud4p, i was stuck on 3.4ghz also, and this is how i fixed that problem.... 1) go to "Advance volt," in there, there is a profiles option in there.... 2)change the "standard" to "turbo" and 3)waLA! you can now OC past 3.14ghz.

    please, manually adjust your vcore and MAX your DRAM volt if you haven't yet.... you will save on ALOT Of HEAT!!...... i am using 1.175v on my vcore and i OC it to 3.82ghz

    ALSO, keep a GOOD eye on your heat, since you are running a stock cooler on your CPU..... UPGRADE that for a safer OC!
  8. i read your question wrong... is your vcore on auto? what values did you change on your MB? need more info of what you are doing, either you left stuff on manual, disabled and gave it a value, OR/AND tuned things on or OFF...
  9. I didn't notice stock cooler... Oh god. Please please please run some tests and watch the temps. I guarantee it's getting overheated too... I installed an E5400 I think it was and even just at 3ghz with stock cooling it was at the temp limit...
  10. Your stock cooler as I said and Wolf said, it isn't going to cool your CPU. I guarantee.
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    zadt_pro :pt1cable: CLEAR CMOS GO DEFAULT .. default good no crash !
  12. Thanks for all ur support guys :)
    I had enough with that mobo..
    I have change to G41M_Combo.All same specs.
    I can reach 3.50G (333 x 10.5) at 1.55Vcore.5-5-5-15 2.1VDimm.Max temp at 72C.Pass all 25tests with IBT at max stress.Prime95 pass for 10hours without any error.:D
    But...still using Intel stock cooler..:ouch:
  13. Ops!!! Correction...(333 x 11) 3.66G at 1.55Vcore max temp 72C.
    (333 x 10.5) 3.5G at 1.45Vcore max temp 65C. :whistle:

    I can see many OCs can reach 3.6G with low Vcore..But not me.
    I get BSOD at 3.66G below 1.52Vcore..
    Should i change my psu?any suggesion? :heink:

    What should i do to get low Vcore.?Should i change PSU?
    I can reach 3.8G at 1.58V~1.6000V stable..I haven't test P95/IBT more then 5 minutes..coz temp reach 88C-91C :ouch:
    So its better to stay safe at 3.5G coz still use stock cooler.
  15. yes .. stay at 3.5G will be safe
  16. May be my G41M_ES2L mobo is defected..Coz i have try to bump my vcore till to 1.55v and VDimm to 2.3V,but still the same.It won't work..
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