Old koolance liquid cooling with cuad core?

alright all so i've run into some major problems with my computer. i have a quad core processor and i just recently installed an older koolance liquid cooling system with 1/4" hoses. I got the system installed just fine but when i would start up the computer would only last 5 minutes in xp then it would hang.... i don't know that this is a problem with cooling because it is my understanding that if the cpu was getting too hot that the computer would have shut down all together. then later upon boot up right before going into xp i get a message saying that windows\system32\config\system file is corrupt or missing... i'm pretty sure that that has to do with my os and or hard drive failing on me... though i would like to know: is this system 32 error and the hanging related? and also is my cooling system to blame?
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  1. 650i sli
    q6600 2.4 intel quad core
    4gb corsair/kingston
    xp sp 3

    but yeah i don't have anything underclocked or undervolted... the cooling system is a bit old but its new to the system. i just want to know if the system 32 error COULD be caused by insufficient cooling. I only ask because i got this error the same day i installed the cooling system.. is it purely coincidental?
  2. Mind giving us temp readings using RealTemp?
  3. according to the temperature probe on the koolance system it reads 21C-24C and this is attached to the underside of the waterblock in the given grove. so its not right on the cpu but fairly close. i would use realtemp however i can't get into os... unless is there a way to see if from bios?
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