First SSD in work laptop, what do I need to know?

Just ordered my first SSD:

I know you aren't suppose to defrag these, is there anything I need to know about them?

It's going in a Dell Latitude 4310, i3 cpu, 4 gigs ram with Windows 7 Pro. Primarily use it for development.

Excited! :bounce:
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    You should really enjoy that SSD

    You are planning on doing a clean install - good choice.
    Bios should be set to AHCI (Probably is)
    Should use the new Intel RST driver (NEED to check if your chipset is supported, if not you will need to use uSoft default AHCI driver.

    Good read on tweeks:*-Windows-7-Ultimate-Tweaks-amp-Utilities-*
    Probably you would not want to do all.
    Should at a min.
    .. Set your page file min/max to same vaule
    .. Disable hibernation
    .. disable superfetch
    .. disable disk indexing.

    Windows7 should atomatically disable disk defrag and should enable trim.
  2. Thanks! Its running fantastic! Thanks for your help!
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