Samsung HM121HI shows in device manager but not disk manager


I have searched through the forums on this issue, but nothing has matched my issue. I am trying to run a laptop hard drive in my desktop to recover data and then reformat. The drive shows in device manager but not in disk management. It also shows in bios as a slave. It gets weird when I have it hooked up, power data recovery recognizes the drive...but it shows it as a FAT32 drive...and it's not. It also shows no data on the drive at all...

I am running Windows XP SP 3, the drive had Vista running on it prior to it's removal.
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  1. Forgot to mention that the hard drive is hooked up via SATA 2 and power cable.
  2. "In general" yes, all stationary hard drives on my computer are ran via SATA. I would assume that since it finds it in device manager that it indeed is enabled...would I be wrong on that assumption?
  3. What configuration can I change and where?
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