RAM vs Motherboard: Which is the problem?

Hi guys here is my rather old setup:

- ASUS A8N SLI Premium S939
- AMD X2 3800+ 2.0 Ghz (OCed to 2.3 Ghz)
- Acer 8800 GT 512 mb
- 2 GB of DDR 400 Kingston
- Enermax 460 Watt Power Supply
- Windows XP Pro X64

I have been playing Crysis online for couple of months and suddenly one day, the game started to BSOD crash... After reboot, the game kept crashing. So I went and read the forum and found that people with 8800 gt and 9800 gt have the same issue. I followed the advice and performed the followings:

1) I removed the nVidia drivers 190.xx which I had installed around June and Reinstalled the latest. The problem was NOT solved, so:

2) I got a can of dried air canister and tried to removed the dust from my graphic card and RAM ... Again, problem was present.

Next, when I was browsing the web, the system suddenly gave me a BSOD.
So I decided to first reinstall windows and then check the RAMs... which was a big mistake because I was impatient... So I formatted one of my partitions and tried to re-install the O/S . However, after going through the setup and formatting and installing initial files and reboot... the system gave me an error along these lines: Wrong Hard disk configuration. Which is BS because I have formatted and installed O/S many times on the same configuration... I ve built this computer myself.

So now, I cannot install, so I started to check the RAMs individually. I have 4 x 512 mb DDR 400 Kingston memories. So I planned to remove all of my RAMs and try to plug them back and run the installation process on 512mb of memory at a time:

For the first RAM, after reformatting and reinstalling, I got the same error...

So i tried the second RAM stick, except as soon as I put it in and turned the computer on, it started to smoke! so immediately shut the main power button on Power supply (less than 1.5 sec)

After that, I tried to check other RAMs and again, the installation did not work... So, please advise me what to do?

Im sure i have destroyed that second RAM but not so sure about my main board :S

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  1. anybody?
  2. What was the voltage of the RAM?

    Could be a bad power supply.
  3. im not sure, but I never actually played around with my RAM.
  4. You may have a bad power supply or a short to the motherboard.
  5. Hmm the powersupply seems fine, i hooked it up to another system and been runing for a while with no issues
  6. This is what i get during the BSOD:

    *** STOP:0x0000003b (0x00000000C0000005, 0xFFFFF97FFD0763C, 0xFFFFFADF81182E10, 0x0000000000000000)

    *** nv4_disp.dll - Address FFFF97FFD0E763C base at FFFFF97FFD028000, DateStamp 4ac0055d
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