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I have an old Dell Dimension 5100, bought in 2005 (had a 512MB RAM) with PCI Express x16 (1),PCI (2), PCI Express x1 (1). It came with XP Media Center Edition. Can I do the following:

1. Install this pair of memory Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX (2 X1GB). Corsair website had Dell Dimension 5100C but not 5100. But I couldn't notice any big difference between the memory specs (DDR2 PC2-6400) on both of those on Dell's website.

2. Remove both the PCI Cards (one with phone/fax modem and other with S-video in ports & Coaxial) and install PCI firewire 1394 and PCI wireless cards.
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  1. 1) The Corsair memory parts claim to run as advertised at 1.8V, so you should be OK. The Corsair memory Dell pedals for a higher price has a higher latency (slower) and runs at 2.0V. Note that you could prolly save a few bucks more by buying cheaper memory, same specs - you don't have to stay "Corsair". Kingston would be $1 cheaper, and no mail-in rebate hassle.

    Its slower memory, you likely won't notice it.

    2) Removing 2 PCI cards and installing the two others should not be an issue.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I just bought the Crucial memory ( for $20.
  3. amateuruser said:
    Thank you for your reply. I just bought the Crucial memory ( for $20.

    Even better lol!
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