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Hey guys, does anyone know of a heatsink that fits the gigabyte p55a-ud3? I've tried out two from thermaltake, and both don't fit and I want to know what's a good heatsink anyone is using that fits this thing? Would the 212+ cooler master fit?
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  1. hey either a, coolit eco a.l.c or a crossie h70....:)
  2. Noctua , Silver Arrow, Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme Depend on Your Budget ..!
    or My cooler... ?
  3. u havent told me ur cpu... if its not extreme then hyper 212+ is a good choice...
  4. The hyper 212+ should fit.
    What heatsinks did you try from thermaltake?
  5. Budget is about 30 bucks. I have an i7-870; haven't gotten around to overclocking it, but with turboboost, I feel like I probably won't ever need to. Since I had no plans on overclocking, I tried a cheap thermaltake tmg i3 and silent intel, both don't work.
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    Go for hyper 212+... microcenter has it for $17 and man you wont get a better price for a cooler like that... you wont be wronged with this... just trust on this one and order before they jack up the price...

    P.S. - i assume you are in the Americas... if not you can get it for around $30...
  7. Newegg has it for $15:
    Also, the microcenter site says instore only, so if you don't live near a microcenter you can't get it from them.
  8. Bought it from microcenter before abully posted it but thanks! Haven't tried it out, and I won't for three weeks since I'm leaving town :( but hopefully it will fit.
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  10. Thanks for the BA and all the best for your rig...
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