Right Channel Sound Not Working: Both OnBoard Realtek97 AND PCI Card?!


I have a DFI nForce4 Ultra motherboard with onboard Realtek'97 sound, which for the last 5 years has worked great. Then I tripped on my sound cord and ripped it *literally* in half, with the sound jack still in the audio out slot in the back of the computer.

This may or may not be unrelated...

I then noticed [this was after a move upon resetting up my machine and reinstalling Windows] that I have no right channel audio output. Two stereo systems and two cords, same result-- so it's definitely the computer.

So I buckled and got a Creative Audigy PCI card to get sound... SAME PROBLEM?!

I disabled the on-board audio in the BIOS, so how the heck does my motherboard jack up the right channel in both PCI and on-board sound? I knew motherboards hand their fingers in everybody's pie, but this is outrageously irritating. ;-)

Should be noted that the left channel sounds great, and everything [diagnostics, troubleshooting, device list] show that there is no problem.

Anybody seen or heard of this? I'm dreading having to scrap my motherboard, ugh.

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  1. Hmmm. Maybe be in your Windows basic sound settings somewhere? Or you have screwed up the inputs on your amp.
  2. Nope.

    Stereos both work fine with other inputs. Cord too.

    Windows basic config and Creative's balance controls show same result: no right channel speaker.

    I've ruled out all the noob mistakes. :-)
  3. I am facing the same problem, all cords are ok, the diagnostics are ok, but the lefft channel has no output. Please help.
  4. I've similar problems too. after formatting and reinstalling windows on my kt600-m, upgrading RAM from 256mb to 512mb, My on-board sound device stop working. Thinking that the device was no longer functional, I installed a pci sound card but unfortunately it doesn't work too. it seems like something was preventing the installation for the drivers both the on-board and PCI souncard.
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