Problem with MOBO??

Hey guys, a friend of mine has this problem.

He recently bought a new GTX 260. He previously had a 8800 GT.

He wanted to see his fps difference so he took out his GTX 260 and put back his 8800 GT. When he did this the computer started to beep extremely quick. You couldnt even count the beeps. Also the computer would start however only show a black screen.

He then put back the GTX 260 however the problem was still there. Same thing occured beeping and all.

He said he reset the mobo and still the beeping continued.

Any ideas?

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  1. op here. no there are no black marks on motherboard/video card
  2. possible driver corruption. i did uninstall video drivers before i restarted the computer to put in the 8800gt. could that be the reason?
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