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Hello,what im going to do to my hard disk it says i need to remove the write-protection or use another disk..what does it mean?? i really confuse about it because i dont know where i can found this thing to remove the write protection.

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  1. hi. i thank you for asking the question and that but the thing is i was going to ask people the same question. my problem is that i'm trying to delete something to the recycle bin.

    if anyone sees any of our our questions and know the answer, please let us know ASAP.(as soon as possible if you didn't know that) =)
  2. There's not enough info. Which file are you trying to delete? If it's a system file, it's probably protected. You may not be the owner of the file and thus not have permission to delete it. Or, the file attribute may be "read only" which will also prevent it from being deleted. If you are the owner of the file you can right-click it and select properties then turn off the read only attribute.
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