Do I need to by grease for CPU?

Hi guys, So I have the E8400 and the GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard. I was just looking through the manual for my motherboard and it takes about a greaser? Do I need that for just running the cpu? or is it just for overclocking? that being said, do I need an aftermarket cooler? Thanks for the help, This is going to be my first build.
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  1. The stock cooler should have some grey "stuff" on the bottom and that is the thermal compound, that should be all you need even for light overclocking. If you start to put the cooler on and move it even a little or take it off and reapply i or change coolers, you will then need to apply new thermal compound a.k.a. "grease after cleaning the old stuff off the cpu and / or heatsink.

    Also, some heatsinks you buy seperately come with it pre applied.
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