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Hi everyone,

I've just purchased a Powercolor HD4850 PLAY!. play a few games like crysis, the last remnant,cod4,medal of honor airborne etc. those games run great and smooth. after hours playing i noticed my hd4850 performance degrading over time. 2 weeks later i found the exact same games run terribly lag during intense graphic even right after booting pc..i think heat is not an issue am i getting..

1) defective PSU caused by too much load?


2) permanently damaged card(too bad to be true)

i have a crappy no-name 390W PSU.20a(max) on 12v rail.
c2d e6550@stock
mushkin 2x1gb 667mhz
asus p5n-mx
western digital 320gb
samsung dvd-rw writemaster

btw sorry for my bad english!
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  1. 1) Get a new psu.

    2) Performance degrading is usually a software issue (i.e. swamped with a bug full registry, tempfiles all over, HDD fragmented, spyware/viruses all over the place.) Hardware doesnt work that way, it cant get worse over time unless it breaks.. which your psu may have done as that is mighty low wattage to be running things on.

    The PSU is the most important part of a computer, get a good one! A bad one can also permanently destroy things connected to it.
  2. You`re really pushing your luck with that PSU, and it`s by far the most likely hardware problem. Look to about 500W from a good supplier such as Corsair, OCZ, Pc Power and Cooling or Antec.
    Google for free antivirus and spyware/adware removal software. PC Tools and AVG offer good, free antivirus suites and Adaware or Spybot are good at dealing with spyware/adware.
    Do not, ever, under any circumstances, ever, mess with the Registry, and do not ever use registry editing software unless you know exactly what you are doing, this is the quickest way to wreck your Windows installation.
  3. I'd replace the PSU and then do a clean install of windows. Who knows, it is possible that insufficient power caused HD corruption.
  4. thanks for the reply. i got few bucks here to spend with. which one is good decent psu?coolermaster extreme powerplus 500w or vantec ion2 450w?i need some time to get those expensive high-quality psu such as antec,tagan,ocz,corsair 4850 uses only 110watts@full load,e6550@stock clock,single hard disk,2x667mhz ddr2,a 120mm 12v 0.3A and 2x80mm 12v 0.18A,my biggest concern here are noise and ripple produced by psu.continuous 20-25A on 12v rail probably way more than enough for my this rate which psu can deliver low noise and ripple(estimation 40-60mV on 12v rail @intense graphic) for $55-70?i will get a tagan soon once this wallet grow up little bit heavier..
  5. Antec 650W $80 with free shipping.

    This PSU is a steal at this price.

    And will last you a life time
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