Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer - "The device cannot start (Code 10)"

Hi everyone.
Ever since I bought my Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer card back in 2006, I have had nothing but problem after problem with this thing.
Occasionally, it likes to stop communicating with the PC. Under Windows XP, I've lost count the number of times the machine has been unable to detect any Audio devices. Uninstalling/Reinstalling drivers, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Yesterday, I was playing a game when all of a sudden, the sound went off completely and nothing I can do will fix it.
The Device cannot start (Code 10) Windows 7 tells me.

I have removed / reinstalled drivers, both from the Windows Vista CD and the latest beta Windows 7 drivers, no luck.
Driver Cleaner hasn't worked,
Stopping / Starting services in Windows Services hasn't worked,
Formatting the Hard Disk and reinstalling Windows 7 64 Bit hasn't worked,
The motherboard is old and cheap so it doesn't have any advanced features but I flashed it to the latest firm, hasn't worked,
Disabled Onboard Audio, hasn't worked,
Adding RAM, hasn't worked,
Creative support didn't seem to care about my e-mail requesting help,

I've been lucky to have a week go by in the past without something not going wrong with this thing but this problem has me completely stuck. It will be a very cold day in hell before I recommend Creative Sound Card products to anybody.

My machine is the following:
Windows 7 64 bit RC, can go back down to Windows XP 32 bit for testing and stuff
MSI P4M900M2 motherboard, soon to be replaced with an Asus P5Q motherboard,
GeForce GTX 260,
4GB RAM, limited to 2.5GB thanks to the cheap motherboard not supporting more,
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer, will upgrade back to Onboard if I can't find a solution for this £70 paperweight,

If anybody can assist me, I'd be very grateful.
Thank you.
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  1. Have you tried re-seating the card? Discharge the motherboard before putting the card back in.
    My Fatality sat on the shelf for approx 2 years (Vista era) due to driver related issues, I finally replaced it with a Xonar D2X. But a few months ago I popped it in my other rig with Windows 7 and it has been working flawlessly, I'm glad now I didn't sell it.
  2. Buy an ASUS Xonar? Seriously, I'm done trying to diagnose Creatives drivers...

    Try the DanielK drivers, other then that, got no clue.
  3. The following procedure is guaranteed to solve all problems with Creative's sound cards:

    (1) Remove the card from your computer and place it in a large double bag

    (2) Follow around a Great Dane, collect what it leaves on the sidewalk, and place it in the same bag as your sound card. Horses are also a highly effective substitute - though be advised the bag gets heavy quickly.

    (3) Carefuly seal the bag.

    (4) Drive to Creative's headquarters, place the bag on the hood of the most expensive car in the parking lot, and set it on fire. This is called a "Trouble Ticket"

    (5) If you want to prioritize your request, it often helps to throw a brick through a window. This will get your Trouble Ticket quicker attention.

    (6) Go home, buy a new card from a *Reputable* maker, and install it in your PC.

    p.s. Steps 2 through 5 are optional. Should you decide to follow these: (1) You don't know me; and (2) be sure to have someone get it on video and post it to YouTube. ;)
  4. gamerk316 said:
    Buy an ASUS Xonar? Seriously, I'm done trying to diagnose Creatives drivers...

    Try the DanielK drivers, other then that, got no clue.

    Yes, by all means buy an ASUS Xonar you won't regret it. As I stated above my Fatality is working well now but that haven't erased the rage I had and still have for Creative for the lack of support I feel I didn't receive. My problem was a slow Windows shut down caused by a process called CTxfispi.exe. Were talking up to 5 min, other guys at the Creative forum would complain about it then say its okay as long as it sounds good, totally unexceptionable. I've had my X-Fi since the release of the card so yes, I tried DanielK and youP-PAK drivers at one time or another.

    That's the best advice I've seen yet. I will never, ever buy another Creative product. Bad drivers are one thing but they add insult to injury with the worst customer on the planet.
  5. Sorry for the long delay in posting.
    Ive built my new machine but I'm having problems with Windows 7 at the moment.
    I DID, just before the new motherboard arrived, put the card in the other PCI Slot (thanks starams5
    for the idea :D ). That seemed to do the trick however my microphone was still not being picked up by the card. I did have the cards software properly configured to pick up sound from the microphone.

    Thanks for the help guys, it's appreciated. I'll post back in here if the microphone does or doesnt work but that won't be until tomorrow when this piece of hardware arrives.
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